Dr B R Ambedkar Educational Society began in 1973 by Sri G Venkat Swamy and was inaugurated by the then Hon. President of India late Sri V. V. Giri. The establishment was later converted to a Public Education Trust that had initially aimed to provide non-commercial, quality education to the underprivileged children, particularly to those from communities deemed as minorities by the Government of India.

The campus is spread across 3 acres landscape known for its salubrious climate and presents a congenial atmosphere to pursue higher studies.

Our vibrant infrastructure is a facilitator for the effective delivery of our curriculum. Apart from the common central facilities, the colleges have well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls and seminar halls.

The organization provides adequate infrastructural support that contributes to our students’ physical fitness and personality development through various sporting activities, in turn, cultivating sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent among them. Till date, over 1, 00,000 students have benefited from the institutions and have gone to serve the nation in various capacities like the administrative, law enforcement, health, engineering and politics, among others.