Various committees are formed in the College for the smooth and efficient management of activities. It also allows the faculty to develop extracurricular activity/field and administrative skills. The committees are constituted by the Management in consultation with Principals for one academic year or more until new committees are constituted.

SNO Committee Name High School Junior College Degree College Law College MBA College
  1   Acadamic Committee   Mrs.R.B.Gayatri Dr. R. Sai Rama Krishna   Mrs.J.S.Harinakski   Dr. Y S Kiran Kumar/Mrs.Vjayanthi   Mrs.P.Shailaja
2 Discipline Committee Mrs.Geethanjali Mr. M. Shesha Chary Mr.Shekher Methari Mrs.S.P.Nalini Mr. P RajaShekar Reddy
3 Counselling Committee Mrs.G.Saritha Dr. K. Sumana Mr. Dr.Vijayender Mrs.M.SriDevi Reddy Ms. Manasa Veena L
    4 Training, Development,Placement Committee     Mrs.Parameshwari Mr. M. Srinivas Mr. Satya Reddy Dr.J E Padmaja     Mr.Rajasekhar Reddy
  5 Cultural & Extra Circular Committee   Mr. Shankari Dr. C. Bharathi Dr. Savitri   Mrs.K.Sirisha   Mrs.Sumalatha
    6   Infrastructure Development & Mainatainance Committee     Mr. Ravinder Mrs. Ratna kumari     Mr.Venkat     Mr.T.Ravi Chandra     Mrs.B.Radhika
7 Anti Ragging Committee Mrs.S.Radha Rani Mrs. Rama Devi Mrs. J.Shashi Rekha Mr.T.Vasantha Kumar Mrs. Mazeed
  8 Greivances , Redressal Committee   Mrs. Mangala   Mr. V. Premchandra Mr. N. Hari Kumar   Mr. P. V. Ramachandra Rao   Ms. P Shailaja

Note: The cells are actively functioning in the college with effect from 1st April 2014 as per the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC)