Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The faculty of Science provides students a competitive atmosphere to practice pure and applied sciences. The courses are designed with a distinct emphasis on an application-oriented, hands-on approach and have laboratory facilities for extensive lab work. We also prepare students for related P.G. programs, whilst instilling in them a spirit of research. Realizing the need for digitalization, computer skills to all science students, and the syllabus for the Computer Applications elective paper has been specially designed for life science students. This optional subject may also be chosen by students omitted Mathematics at the Intermediate level.

  • Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry ( B.Sc – MPC)
  • Mathematics – Physics – Computers ( B.Sc – MPCs)
  • Mathematics – Physics – Electronics ( B.Sc – MPE)
  • Mathematics – Statistics – Data Science ( B.Sc – Data Science)
  • Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics – Botany-Chemistry ( B.Sc – Nutrition/Life Science)
  • M.Sc – Mathematics
  • M.Sc – Organic  Chemistry
  • M.Sc – Physics

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

In 1973, the Department of Commerce started with a single course. One of the oldest disciplines in the college, over the years, the department has gained an impressive reputation with our alumnae having taken offices in various sectors in India. Some of them are officers in the IAS, the IPS, and IRS, while some others have risen to senior positions in various multinationals. Three courses, B. Com (General) in Telugu and English mediums and B. Com (Computers) in English medium and M. Com., are recent additions to the Department of Commerce. Seminars and workshops are also conducted regularly to keep students abreast of the recent development in the field of commerce; furthermore, the computer and English communication classes offered free of cost provide the necessary skills required for their post-campus endeavors.

  • B. Com. (General)
  • B. Com. (Computer Applications)
  • B. Com. (Business Analytics)
  • M. Com.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BA course helps in enriching one’s outlook towards society and building it by the oldest forms of arts. There are various colleges available for BA course aspirants, that provide the best education. Many different specializations available under the BA course make the course unique and diverse than other main courses. BA job scope is very wide and evergreen. One with good creativity and wanting to explore the different forms of arts can take up the BA course. There are various job opportunities provided in various sectors for Bachelor of Arts graduates such as Advertising, Law, Public Planning, Graphics, and Printing Industry, Journalism, and many more.

  • BA  ( EPP)      –   Telugu and English Mediums  
  • BA  ( E PS MCJ)  – Journalism and Mass Communication
  • MA ( Economics)

 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This full-fledged three-year program is a perfect grooming ground for future managers. It offers management and commerce subjects. The aim of the course is to nourish the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of students at the graduate level. Equipped with the cutting edge curriculum and pedagogy, the program develops the students’ problem-solving ability, strategic thinking, in-depth functional knowledge, and leadership skills through Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. In the present scenario, the corporate industry is seeking managerial skills among their prospective employees. This course promises such skills with an added advantage in computer knowledge. The program also allows students to pursue their further studies in MBA, M Com, CA, and I CWA.

Certificate Courses

Apart from these courses, Dr B R Ambedkar College even offers certificate courses for the enhancement of the student’s skills. The student has to attend it mandatory and like subject/course classes, they’re required to have at least 75% attendance in this too. Students failing to keep up the attendance have to face serious consequences.

Bachelors in Commerce:

  • First Year: Soft Skills Certification Program, Personality Dev. Certification Program
  • Second Year: Industry Interface Initiative Programme (IIIP) – Programme in Digital Marketing, Finance and Human Resources, Campus to Corporate Program
  • Third Year: Certification Program in TALLY, Certification Program in GST

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA):

  • First Year: Digital Marketing Certification Program, Soft Skills & Personality Dev. Certification Program
  • Second Year: Start-up Management Certification Program, Campus to Corporate Program
  • Third Year: Certification Program in TALLY, Certification Program in GST

Bachelors in Science (B.Sc):

  • First Year: Soft Skills Certification Program, Personality Dev. Certification Program
  • Second Year: Complete SAS Certification Program, Campus to Corporate Program

Bachelors in Arts (BA):

  • First Year: Certification Program in Photography, Soft Skills & Personality Dev. Certification Program
  • Second Year: Certification Program in Writing Skills, Campus to Corporate Program
  • Third Year: Certification Program in Short Film Making