The examination committee of the college is responsible for the smooth conduct of examinations for all the courses and maintenance of student records. The Principal of the College serves as the Chief Superintendent of the examinations, and the Vice-Principal is the Additional Chief Superintendent of the Examination Cell to assist in all examination-related activities.

Instructions to Invigilators

The invigilators are required to be present in the examination cell at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination or as informed by the Chief Superintendent.

The invigilators are required to count the main answer scripts and make sure that the serial number and chief superintendent’s facsimile on the main answer script is present.

The code/data books and other books necessary for the examination will be sent to the examination halls. The invigilators are required to count and return the same at the end of the examination.

One of the invigilators is required to check the hall tickets before a candidate enters the examination hall. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall without the hall ticket.

The invigilators must instruct the students not to keep any printed or written material with them and not to write anything on the question paper, which leads to malpractice. The students must be asked to hand over their belongings, not required for the examination.

No invigilator shall leave the examination hall unless a reserve occupies his place on the instructions of the chief superintendent. A reserve will be sent only to attend to unavoidable duty.

The invigilators are required to sign the main answer scripts in the space provided and also put the initial with the date on the backside of hall ticket. The number on the main answer script is to be mentioned in the candidate’s attendance sheet and the candidate’s signature to be taken on the attendance sheet.

The invigilators are required to instruct the candidates not to write their roll no. i.e. hall ticket number, anywhere except in the space provided in the first page of the main answer script.

The invigilators are required not to allow the candidates into the examination hall after 15 minutes from the commencement of the examination.

The invigilators should not allow the candidates to leave the examination hall during the examination.

The invigilators should not put their signature on graph/drawing sheets.

The invigilators are required to handover the answer scripts after the completion of the examination in the examination cell.

One of the invigilators is required to distribute and collect the answer scripts personally. The invigilator should not ask the candidate to take (in the beginning) or keep (at the end) the answer scripts on the table. The invigilator will be held responsible for any loss of the answer scripts.

In case of any discrepancies, the matter may be brought to the notice of the chief superintendent immediately.

The invigilators are required not to carry electronic devices such as cell phones in the examination halls.

The invigilators are required to observe in the examination hall to prevent malpractice.

Invigilators are advised to maintain silence in the examination hall, to provide a conducive environment for the smooth conduct of the examination.

Staff members who are not having examination duties should strictly not enter the examination halls.


Please check the particulars in the OMR Sheet. i.e. Name, Hall Ticket No., Examination and Subject Code.

In case of any deviation in the above or if the OMR sheet is torn/damaged, the defective answer book may be returned to the invigilator and ask for a blank OMR sheet signed by the Chief Superintendent and fill the particulars appropriately.

Ensure that the OMR Barcode Sheet is properly secured to the Answer Booklet given.

The candidate is prohibited from writing on or tampering the Barcodes as they may affect the marking procedure.

Candidates are prohibited from:

Writing their H.T. Nos. in any part of the answer booklet.

Writing their names in any part of the answer booklet.

Addressing the examiner in any manner whatsoever in the answer booklet. If they do so, their answer scripts will not be valued.

Drawing/Writing religious symbols.

Bringing cellphones/smartphones or any electronic gadget.

Before beginning to answer any question, the candidates should write the correct number of that Question.

They should complete the answer for any question and commence writing the answer for the next question. Answers written at different places for the same question will not be valued.

Answers should be written on both sides of the paper.

No loose sheets of paper will be allowed in the examination room; no paper must be detached from or attached to the answer booklets.

Answers must be legibly written, and figures must be neatly drawn.

Candidates should write not less than 25 lines on each page. It is not necessary to begin each answer on a new page.

This answer booklet should be returned to the Invigilator before leaving the examination hall.

Students are not allowed outside during the examinations.

No Additional Answer Booklets will be supplied.