Commerce Lab

Students practice their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. Mock commerce and business activities are undertaken in the laboratory. Students develop self-confidence in running a business profitably and understanding the practical difficulties through simulations and discussions. JAM sessions, simulation of the stock exchange and trading, group discussion, small group activities, and presentations in large groups are few activities conducted by the laboratory on a regular basis. Students involved in critical thinking activities followed by meeting corporate leaders and taking their interviews. At the end of the academic year, students visit industries and learn through demonstration. They document this experience and submit to the concerned faculty.

Computer Lab

It functions in tandem with the Commerce lab in conducting IT workshops. The lab has systems equipped with accounting packages ‘Tally’ with the objective of learning computerized accounting methods.


Students get an opportunity to explore mathematical concepts, verify mathematical facts, and theorems through a variety of activities that enable stimulating interest and develop a passion for learning mathematics. Complete theme-based ambiance helps students explore and experience mathematics. Learning aids comprise Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables, and Charts. The laboratory encourages students to visualize, assimilate concepts while interacting amongst themselves and with the teacher.


The electronics laboratory has all the necessary facilities for conducting experiments of basic electronics by the UG students with different training kits and general-purpose equipment and measurement setups. Every student has to undergo practical training and also carry out a project during their course work.


Students are made to learn the concerned theoretical aspects before involving in the concerned practical. This includes the setting of apparatus, the making circuits, recording data, carrying out calculations using suitable formulae, and drawing graphs. The practical methodology creates the urge of raising questions involving ‘why’s’ in physics which is a crucial aspect of the teaching-learning process.

Computer Science

The largest laboratory in the college, the computer science laboratory has computers installed to cater to the needs of students from various combinations in Physical sciences and commerce. A variety of programs are administered through our central computer lab facility — academic practicals, career-oriented programs, software certification, student-faculty interaction, feedback entries, internet browsing, PC Hardware troubleshooting, Network troubleshooting, and Software exhibitions in addition to competitions and PowerPoint presentation preparations.


The Department offers two spacious laboratories having the required infrastructure for undergraduate curriculum and summer projects. The labs have all the reagents and chemicals required for projects. Chemistry is a common subject in Life Sciences helps in bridging the gap for all areas of biology combinations.