Success is not just what you accomplish; its about what you inspire others to do …..

It gives me immense gratification in playing a pivotal role in realizing the  vision of our great visionary  Late Sri G Venkata Swamy ( KAKA) .  In this era where education is also treated as a business, this institution is an exception to it.  The joyous and blissful environment drives the student to achieve heights in all spheres of life. They have exciting times at college.  Faculty members in this institution are a major source of inspiration.  We adopt the principle of “Kaizen” in developing ourselves which is reflected in the classroom.  Internal quality assurance is assured for both faculty and students.  We believe that holistic development of the students is the key in achieving desired goals.

In our journey of aspirations, faculty and students have excelled in every sphere.  Peer learning, double loop learning  and blended learning are the vehicles of our journery.  The sincere efforts of teaching and non-teaching stadd are highly commendable.