Constituted to uplift the student spirit, our Dance Club encourages self-expression through dedicated art forms. The society aims to improve student morale and creativity through dance. Ample opportunities are provided to dance enthusiasts to prove their skill and discover themselves through artistic exploration. Playing a pivotal role in maintaining a positive environment in the institution, the club also enables students to represent Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Educational Institutions in reputed organisations.


Capturing a student’s imagination is made possible with the Visual Arts. Making use of the method, DBRAEI has also formed a club to bring together the budding lensmen in the college. The Photography Club encourages students to study the art of light, composition and colour. Activities organised for the students in the society help them learn the craft through the camera become sensitised to the world around.

The club also guides a focused approach towards photography by enabling healthy, interactive sessions between experts and students. Peer learning also helps students understand multiple perspectives and approaches to the craft.


Established to promote creativity and innovation, through the art of drama, the Drama Club help budding artists attain mastery in language, delivery and poise in dramatic literature. A sanctum of performance arts, the theatre improves self-confidence and hones its students to learn techniques of acting. The club grooms students to understand the journey of a play from production to performance. They also learn the supporting roles of the art form like lights and sound, writing, direction, design aspects and music.


Formed, developed, governed and administered by the student and faculty representatives, the club encourages fitness among the student community through sporting and physical activities. The Sports Club aims to train students to excel in sporting events and encourage participation in institutional and state-level competitions. The Sports Club also organises inter-collegiate sports to provide leadership and recreational opportunities in order to enhance their knowledge and skill while at the same time retaining social, cognitive and physical experiences.


Music is more than just harmonised sounds. Recognising the students’ talent to sing, compose and write songs, the Music Club functions is to spread the joy of melody by encouraging music enthusiasts to come together to delve deeper into popular and unexplored genres of music through practices, research and creations. The members of the club take part in various intra and inter-college events throughout the year besides hosting several musical performances. Year-round workshops are regularly organised, covering diverse genres of music such as Bollywood, Carnatic, Western, Punjabi, Pop, Rock and Rap.


The club aims to provide platforms for every member to discover the artist within themselves. Invoking a trail of imagination, creativity and artistic sensibilities, DBRAEI’s art club allows the best match of colour to the canvas. The club encourages a child’s eye for observation, an artist’s taste for beauty and a poet’s expression for emotion to paint a bigger picture of their vision. The society’s purpose is to encourage people to express their thoughts and emotions through art.