Welcome to the Dr BR Ambedkar Educational Institutions. We are a dynamic, integrated college with an accomplished faculty whose teaching and research are reflective of the diversity of our discipline.

Students in our college are active in the College through our academic and co-curricular endeavours with the service-learning and collaborative research projects with faculty, and with student media. Our mission is to provide financial aid, scholarships and educational resources so that capable and deserving students may achieve their academic and career goals. The financial assistance we provide helps numerous girls and boys pursue their dream of a college education and changes the lives of those students who have the desire to attend college but cannot afford to attend. We make it possible for a young boy or girl to be the first in their family to graduate from college. We help our students achieve their academic and career goals and in turn, these capable and talented individuals provide a positive impact in our community. Many
DBRAEI graduates continue to live and work in the surrounding area, and will one day serve as our area’s business and community leaders.

Smt. G. Rama