Welcome to the Dr BR Ambedkar Educational Institutions. It is the mission of DBRAEI to make the college accessible to everybody, since everyone has a right to learn and be exposed to a proper learning environment.

Everyone benefits from a college educated citizenry. However, as it turns out, not everyone is made for college and the rigors of its true collegiate pursuits. As we all know, life can readily get in the way. With family, jobs, and trying to keep a life above water, it can be extremely difficult trying to do all this and at the same time complete classes from a broad spectrum of disciplines and programs and often not being able to see the connection in the courses required. Students know they want the degree but are often not sure in what field of study they will earn it. We engage such students in a one-on-one mentor-protégé session to help them decide and plan their future goal.
For a myriad of reasons, some people graduate while some don’t. But then too it is common knowledge that if students have an education plan, and have decided their educational path, they are more likely to complete their courses, finish their requirements and ultimately graduate.
Students who not only plan but decide their educational pathway at DBRAEI, move on to fulfil their higher educational goals. DBRAEI offers various pathways to their success. Our courses serve the practical goals of our student’s goals such as obtaining a successful and meaningful career as well as satisfying our fundamental intrinsic need for education and knowledge.

Smt G. Saroja Vivekanand,
Managing Director – Visaka Industries