Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

DBRAEI is one of the few colleges that share a state-of-the-art network of computing resources across the campus. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled with a 86 Mbps bandwidth for internet with a dedicated leased line. The college also has a 24-hr power back-up with generators that ensure round-the-clock electricity supply that ensures uninterrupted learning.

Over a hundred CCTV cameras are installed across the campus for 24-hour surveillance to ensure safety and security for the students and faculty. High-end biometric systems are enabled for transparency and accuracy for registering student and faculty attendance.

With spacious and well-maintained classrooms, air-conditioned computer labs and subject-specific labs equipped with modern instruments, the college provides hands-on learning opportunities for the students. RO systems are installed to assure constant access to purified, safe drinking water to the students.

An ICT-enabled classroom can accommodate nearly a hundred students and is designed to provide ventilation and natural light with enough space to include podiums, seating facilities with ample leg space for the students. The campus also houses open theatres that are used regularly to conduct college fests, celebrate festivals and felicitations.